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pickup magnets

8/24/1997 10:37 PM
jeffrey fisher
pickup magnets
i am having problems with one of my bass pickups. the output is much lower than the neck pickup. after taking the housing apart i noticed that one of the magnets it broken in half. there are two magnets one on each side. is this affecting the volume and tone? and is there somewhere i can replace this magnet? or fix it myself?  
also if anyone has good information on the electronics of this baldwin vibraslim bass i'd love to hear it.  
jeffrey fisher
8/25/1997 12:31 AM
Bill Bolton

> the output is much lower than the neck  
> pickup.  
Is the tone *very* different as well (by that I mean *more* than would be accounted for by the different position of the pickup compared to the neck pickup)?  
If so, you may have a broken winding deep within the pickup. Try to measure the resistance of the pickup with a multi-meter. It should measure between about 5k ohms and perhaps 20k ohms. If it shows as an open circuit you have problem.  
A pickup with a wire break which is not near one end or the other fo the winding will still produce some AC signal due to capacitve coupling between the windings, but the outout will be be weak and lacking in fundamental.  
If a pickup gets any moisture in the winding wrap during manufacture, it can eventually corrode through the very fine coil wire. It takes years, but your Vibrasilm would is certainly be old enough for it to have happened.  
I've had two Fender bass pickups that this has happened to.... a '62 and a '77.  
8/25/1997 3:29 PM
jeffrey fisher

yes the situation is as you describe, in that the  
bridge pickups output and tone are different in the extreme. although i was wondering if this were due to a broken pickup magnet. any thoughts?  
thanks for the reply.  
jeffrey fisher
8/27/1997 12:56 AM
Bill Bolton

> although i was wondering if this were due to  
> a broken pickup magnet.  
It's a very lomg time since I looked at a Burns pickup... not since I sold my Burns Jazz Bass back in 1969... so I can't really comment authoritatively on what effect a broken magnet would have.  
For what its worth, from what I know of pickups in general, I don't think a broken maget would be enough to materially effect a pickup that greatly.  
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