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Rickenbacker Pickup Switch

6/24/1997 1:20 PM
David Axt
Rickenbacker Pickup Switch
Recently my 4003 Rick Bass has been crackling. I freaked and thought it was my amp. Then thought it was my cord. Ah ha! It's my pickup swtich.  
It seems that when I play with a pick I unintentionally lightly touch the switch. This is the source of the crackle. Is this typical? Should I take the bass in for servicing?  
Certainly the switch must be "make before break" type. Otherwise there would be a small moment of silence before switching pickups.  
6/27/1997 8:35 AM
Anders Westerberg

Try to clean it with electronic lubricant spray. It will probably help.  
6/27/1997 10:17 AM
David Axt

Thanks Anders!  
I sprayed television tuner lubricant spray on the switch. Now it works fine. Whew! I was not looking forward to monkeying with my prize ax.
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