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Need pickup switch ideas

4/21/1997 1:28 AM
Need pickup switch ideas
Sure would appreciate some help with this. I play an Aria Pro II strat clone with 2 single coils and a humbucker, all custom, with a really nice range of tones. What I DON'T like is the stock pickup switching arrangement. I've got a five position switch that gives me the following choices (starting at the neck pickup): 1. neck single coil 2. neck single coil out of phase 3. middle single coil 4. middle single coil out of phase 5. humbucker (push/pull tone knob pulls 'bucker out of phase. What I want is a 3-position switch, neck, middle and bridge, then use that push/pull tome knob to phase/unphase whichever pickup I'm using. Will that work? Is it easy? Is it cheap? Thanks in advance for any help!
4/30/1997 8:33 AM

Tom, Having had one of these guitars, and being somewhat technical; the stock switching arrangement for the aria is as follows: 1. Neck pickup alone, 2. neck and middle pickups combined, 3. middle pickup alone, 4. middle and bridge pickups combined. 5. bridge pickup alone. The push-pull switch on the tone control turns off/on the coil of the bridge humbucker nearest the middle pickup leaving the coil closest to the bridge on thus giving a true strat single coil sound. For your info: to actually get and be able to hear an out-of-phase sound, two pickups MUST be on. The out-of-phase effect is the result from the interaction between the two pickups(hot and ground wired in reverse in relation to the other pickup it is interacting with.) Putting a 3-position switch would eliminate any pickup combinations. As it stands you're able to operate neck, middle, and bridge each separately.  
You can experiment with reversing the wires in the middle pickup(you can even install mini-toggles in all pickups to adjust on-the-fly), but it may introduce unwanted noise or hum depending on how the individual pickups are grounded. BTW, I had one of these guitars for a while. Sounded and played great! Better than some fender strats I've had. Hope this helps.  
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