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Odd Click/Buzz w/Strat

4/17/1997 11:59 PM
Chris Coleman
Odd Click/Buzz w/Strat
I've got a strat which I don't think you can call a strat anymore, I've had the thing modded toeath. Anyhow- I just got it set up again, but this time, when I got it back, I noticed increased hum with the single coil pickups. Now listen, I'm no idiot, I know that this is completely normal, BUT I'd never heard THIS buzz before. it's a kind of click/buzz, almost sounds like the Predator, if you know what I mean. This especially happens with my neck pickup. BUT - here's the kicker and what totally stumped me: The buzz is at it's loudest when the guitar is in playing position (perpedicular to the ground), but it's virtually non-existent when I lay it flat on my lap (parallel to the ground)!!! Can anyone please tell me what's going on inside my guitar?
5/12/1997 7:15 AM
Mark Hammer

I can only come up with a few ideas.  
1) Non-humrejecting pickups function much like radios, picking up electromagnetic waves and passing them on to you - the customer. They function like very cheap radios, however, and only pick up "stations" (i.e., sources of hum and their harmonics) when facing the right way. Conceivably, what you have here is simply a bad case of what I've described; the cure being fewer sources of hum around you, and/or humbuckers.  
2) Since the variations in orientation also create variations in gravitational pull, it's also conceivable that there is some loose ground wire whose quality of contact depends on whether it's hanging or resting. This strikes me as the more likely suspect; after all, you DID say it's been modded to death.
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