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Schematic for MusicMan Stingray

1/12/1997 1:24 PM
Anders Westerberg
Schematic for MusicMan Stingray
I desperatly need a schematic for the MusicMan Stingray (70s) on-board preamp. Im doing a reparation on one of these, but the wiring diagram Ive got doesnt correspond with the unit I have (not the same colors on the wires). I cant really track the circuit down, because the board is coated with something black. So Im really thankful for any information.  
6/26/1997 11:38 AM

Go to the Ernie Ball website (they now own Musicman) and email them to ask for the schematic. They did it for a friend of mine, who bought a Silhouette (sp?) special.
6/27/1997 8:29 AM
Anders Westerberg

I finally managed to hook up the damned thing right, so I'm not in need of help anymore.  
Thanks a lot for the tip anyway!  

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