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speaker simulator-I need a schematic-please help meeee,!!!!!!!

5/30/1999 9:41 AM
speaker simulator-I need a schematic-please help meeee,!!!!!!!
I need aschematic for a hughes and ketner red box pro or anything that is similar  
,please help me  
5/30/1999 7:38 PM
Jack Orman

Stellan L. has a couple on his site. I don't have the url handy but there's a link to it on the schematics page of my web site.
5/31/1999 10:28 AM
Thanks very much!!  
5/31/1999 2:48 PM

Hello, Sinan. In the recent past there were some posts on Ampage discussing a Hughes and Kettner Cream Machine preamp. One of the posts had the URL for a schematic. Since this unit supposedly has a Red Box built into it, you may be able to get an idea how to build one from the Cream Machine schematic. I will post the URL here when I can find it.  
There were some discussions on speaker simulators in the archives also. Good luck!
6/3/1999 3:20 PM
Mark Hammer

Do you want something that just SOUNDS like a speaker for pluggin into a board, or do you want something that electronically substitutes for a speaker at the output of the amp? There is a big difference.  
If it the first one you want, then the Anderton/PAiA Stack-In-A-Box project has a speaker simulator in it, that is relatively simple, and uses garden variety parts; just a couple of op-amps, and standard value resistors and caps. If you can't find the schematic anywhere, I can make a scan of the circuit fragment for you.  
Bear in mind that speaker simulators of this type are essentially 2-pole low-pass filters with the resonance tweaked. That's oversimplifying it, but you could probably get a speaker-simulator sound by putting together a text-book 2-pole lowpass, with a single channel/band parametric EQ before it.
6/5/1999 6:59 AM
Steve Newton
Did anyone find the url for the Hughes and Kettneer cream machine?  
I had a red box abou 5 years ago and used it for live work as well as recording, it got stolen at agig and they're now too expensive for me to replace. I'd love to build another maybee a stereo unit as that's how my rig is at the moment.  
Any ideas?  
6/5/1999 9:24 PM

Hi, Steve. Here is the schematic for the Cream Machine:  
When I get the time, I hope to try building the cabinet sim part of this unit. It seems pretty easy to suss out from this schematic.
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