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Preamp questions

5/26/1999 3:48 PM
John C.
Preamp questions
Is the SansAmp Classic a good PA?  
And what about the BlueTube (in rack...not the pedal one)  
Would any of them still remain useful to me if  
I play with a valve amp?  
Should I just forget them and wait for a  
valve amp? :)  
(I'm using a solid state amp at the moment)  
Any opinions will be really appreciated.  
5/26/1999 8:36 PM
don symes

Any (or both!) would remain useful if you add a valve power amp.  
Consider a Mesa Studio, Vtwin (rack), or triaxis and the Hughes&Kettner Cream Machine or CrunchMaster as well. The H&K units are out of production so you'd have to find used. The Mesa stuff is just plain expensive, so used might be a better choice there too.  
The SansAmp has a good reputation, never played it, nor the H&K toys, Mesa Studio or Vtwin.  
Good luck
5/27/1999 6:08 AM
John C.

Don, Thank you very much for the information.  
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