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1/16/1999 4:38 PM
Should I even be surprised by the fact ZVEX is one of those retro makers??? I once thought they were doing something pretty new, but... NOw I see they have a website that includes product info and I come to the conclusion that they are just riding the slip screen of the retro wave.  
I was quite pleased to see Moog's pages, though. His designs have a place in my respect but makers like ZVEX!?  
At a shop in town I had a chance to play a fuzz factory. It sounded okay but it looked like hell brand new. I guess it was a good thing the thing was selling for $250. It sounded like hell, which I liked, but not worth the price.  
1/16/1999 7:34 PM

Have you taken a look at ZVEX's seek wah? I'd say that that is a pretty innovative pedal, pretty different from anything that I've ever seen. Harmony-Central just recently did a review on it, you should check it out:  
I think you might be surprised by it.
1/17/1999 7:53 AM

I am not saying the designs are copies. I am saying the whole retro backing is getting old. And the Seek Wah is way too expensive!  
2/2/1999 11:41 AM

Please forgive me. I'm really not picking on you, it just seems we have differing views. I personally put the Z. Vex Super Hard On way up on my list of cool pedals. Sure it is way over priced, I'll agree with you on that. But what it does, it does so well and so transparently, that to me it is worth every cent. What it does for single coil pickups is pretty remarkable to me. I don't know Zachary Vex, never met him, never talked to him. I paid real money for mine and have never regretted it (unlike a lot of pedals that I have paid for). There's that old saying, "Cheap stuff ain't good, good stuff ain't cheap." This certainly applies to the pedal world today.  
2/2/1999 11:58 AM

We're really digging up the dirt on nic here aren't we? Maybe our views are different maybe not. If I could afford to pay 'real money' for a glamour box I would. I do like the sounds of some of these boxes. BUT, one thing I refuse to be anymore is an audiophile dork. I think of all things that have kept me from being productive musically is the whole I 'hate my tone' pitfall. I bet you I could hear the differences between a TS-808, TS-9, a fulldrive, and whatever, but guess what I don't really care to! AND I refuse to, life is too short to drone about crappy tone. The only people who care anything about tone are musicians. People who appreciate music, appreciate music. They don't get hung up on bad tone.  
2/3/1999 4:17 AM

Coltrane had great tone, Robben ford has great tone, The Beatles had great tones, Stevie Wonder got great Tones, XTC has great tones, Roy Buchanon had great tone, Stevie Ray had great Tone, The Edge has great tone, Charlie Parker had great tone, Jaco had great Tone, Diana Ross has great tone, Jimi Hendix had great tone, Joni Mitchell has great tone, Wes Montgomery had great tone...hell I bet motzart had great tone!!  
Who are these people who appreciate music, that don't get hung up on bad tone that you are talking about????  
2/3/1999 8:11 AM

I think the people he's talking about are people like my girlfriend who woundn't know a good guitar tone if it bit her in the ass. There are alot of people like that out there. I don't think it's her responsibility to know a good guitar tone from a bad one.  
Unfortunatley I know some guitar players that wouldn't know a good tone either and that is a shame.

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