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TubeKing TK999 or 999US version?

12/5/1998 6:20 PM
TubeKing TK999 or 999US version?
There appears to be two versions of the  
TubeKing the US has black knobs and vent  
slots on the side panels. I am wondering if  
there are internal differences as well?  
Basically which is more disirable tonewise?  
1/14/1999 7:22 PM

The TK999 has a noise gate. The TK999US doesn't. Ibanez had some legal troubles over the original pedal. The US model says Tube Works on the back. I think I read that they "borrowed" the circuit for the original from Tube Works and got into trouble. As far as tone differences I can't help you. I have the original (great pedal IMO) and have never tried the US.  
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