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Green ringer?

9/29/1998 6:35 PM
Green ringer?
Anyone built this? I can't seem to get any signal from her,....  
9/29/1998 8:09 PM
Check your wiring, polarities, and pinouts. The devices may not have the pinout you expect.  
By the way, welcome back. Haven't heard from you since you were asking all those questions here on Ampage about the Big Muff Pi, tracing one out and not having any luck.  
Did you ever get that thing to work?
9/29/1998 8:35 PM

Thanks R.G,....  
Yeah i've been pretty busy for a few months designing some new pedals. I plan on checking the group more often now,..  
Yeah, actually that BMP was traced right, I just had the pinout of the transistors backwards.  
R.G, If I gave you a schematic, do you think you could make me up some PCB's?  
I would like to get my distortion pedal going, I'm in the final stages, The compressor is the last stage,...  
9/30/1998 6:35 AM
"R.G, If I gave you a schematic, do you think you could make me up some PCB's? "
I've done this for some boutique pedal makers. It takes about a week turnaround time and results in a board laid out to match a particular enclosure that is manufacturable in quantity, and includes my interfacing to the board makers if you like.  
Presumably you plan to go into production to sell these, so you'll want commercially manufacturable boards.  
My standard arrangement is one of  
- $50 per hour, typical job is four hours, done as  
- No up front cost, I become the sole supplier for the PCB's. I can manage low volume, low investment PCB startups well, I've done it a lot.  
- A royalty interest in the pedal sales, plus proper accounting controls  
But I'm open to other arrangements if you'd like to propose something.  
If you want design consultation, I do that primarily in return for royalty interest in the pedal. I have a number of ideas for distortion pedals that no commercial maker of pedals has touched, to my knowlege. I have a standard non-disclosure agreement to protect your proprietary interests if you want to buy that as part of the arrangement.  
I can provide any design/development services you'd like to buy, from circuit design, layout, board procurement, parts location, all the way up to negotiating manufacturing runs with short-runs manufacturing houses, at very reasonable fees for each service.
9/30/1998 9:22 AM
Jack Orman

I trust you mean that the compressor is the last stage in development and not the last stage in the signal chain. Usually the compressor is the first signal stage for some very important reasons...  
BTW, Tech 21 has a new compression/fuzz combination that looks pretty cool.  
regards, JACK
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