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FS - Dual Independant Photoconductive Cell

9/25/1998 10:01 AM
CJ Landry
FS - Dual Independant Photoconductive Cell
I finally found some dual independant photoconductive cells for the Mutron III circuit. They are a small sealed part and I have them for sale at my site.  
I have had so many people ask what the 0805 part is in the Mutron III schematic and finally I have a better answer than an explanation.  
I am starting a parts section for items that are not offered at other sites so you should see more FX parts soon.  
In my experimentation with this device I have found that the resistor to GND that is labeled R23 ( Value depends on char. of 0805) a 3.3k resistor shoudl be put there. In some Original Mutron III's a 2k resistor is there and the signal is a little overdriven with the cell I am offereing. I will include an installation diag. and an adjustable pot in series between the R23 and the cell. This adds a little more adjustable drive to the envelope.  
Thanks to all who made this a reality,  
CJ Landry
9/25/1998 10:05 PM
Steve A.

    I'm looking for the LDR's that Mesa uses instead of relays for channel switching, etc. Do you have them or know where I might find them (other than from Mesa)?  
Steve Ahola

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