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Re: electro harmonix The Clone Theory- Help

4/21/1998 3:52 PM
Mark Hammer Re: electro harmonix The Clone Theory- Help
Mr. Foggy Memory strikes again!  
I guess I was thinking of the Small Clone.  
Now if I'm wrong about the characteristics of the Small Clone (the "baby" version of the clone theory), then my credibility is REALLY in jeopardy.  
Question: Do you hear the clock signal in the background? Set the Depth control all the way up, and the Rate control to the midpoint or higher. Now switch from chorus to flange. Does the clock signal change in any audible way? If it does, then at least your clock/LFO section (which will include the 4047 and maybe the 1458) works.
4/21/1998 4:11 PM
mark g

The answer is yes. I do hear the clock working. The switch seems to just change the signal in tone, more treble for the chorus and less treble in flange position.  
mark g
4/21/1998 6:23 AM

Mark G  
You may want to look over the jacks real good  
maybe bypass them and the switch.  

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