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Ibanez SD-9

2/2/1998 10:46 PM
Ibanez SD-9
I just picked up an SD-9 tonight.  
It's o.k. sounding, not as good as I'd like, I didn't have a chance to  
try it out extensively before I bought it.  
The funny thing is, you can hear a slight fuzzy sound in the background  
when playing with the pedal off! The distortion control even affects the  
colume of this quiet, fuzzy noise. I opened it up, the chip inside is a  
JRC4558 (d?), it says 1557 underneath this. The circuit board says Maxon  
on it.  
I did some more experimenting and found that this noise pretty much  
disappears if there is a pedal in between the guitar and the SD-9, even  
when it's off. e.g. gtr>OD-1>SD-9>amp.  
I've only experienced this once before, with a UE300 I had. This also  
occurred with the TS portion of the unit.  
Is this a common Ibanez problem? WHy does it occur?  
Is it repairable? Is the JRC4558d the desirable chip? Also, what does  
the date code 1557 mean?  
I also have an SM-9, not a big fan of this either.  
Let me know what you think.  

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