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Hendrix Wizard?

3/30/1997 3:28 PM
Bryan Fishell
Hendrix Wizard?
Over the years I have been reading about the infamouse British technician Roger Mayer (sp) that made Jimi's sound so impressive. Does anyone know the whereabouts of this elusive man or if he is still alive? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
4/17/1997 7:11 AM
Tim Rand

Yes Roger Mayer is still around and about two years ago I heard him on radio talking about the hendrix days he still makes pedals I think one of them is called Voodoo 1 His ads for pedals are sometimes in the guitar player mag  
catch ya  
tim (Aust)
7/23/1997 1:54 PM

I heard Roger Mayer made those Voodoo 1s at the request of Jimi. I guess Jimi wanted a more controlable fuzz face. Roger makes a lot of pedals I don't know if he personally makes them. Here is a few that I am aware of. Voodoo vibe, bass Voodoo, rocket shaped pedals; mongoose fuzz (purple), axis fuzz (orange), and octavia (silver). I had a friend who aquired all of them. They look cool. They sound funny though.
8/29/1997 6:07 PM
bill g.

I own a Roger Mayer classic fuzz and it sounds great, kinda like a Fuzz-Face except a helluva lot quieter (thank God)

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