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Origional Mister Cry Baby

3/20/1997 10:14 PM
Robert D'Alessandro
Origional Mister Cry Baby
I have the chance to buy an origional Mister Cry Baby Wah. It is a Jen, made in Pescara, Italy model. It is the one with the white rubber ring around the base. The thing is mint, ie never been out of the pouch let alone pluged in to a guitar and amp.  
What would such a pedal be worth, what year is it, how does it compare to the JMI Vox ones which are so highly sought after?  
Any advice would be much appreciated  
10/8/1997 3:22 AM
Mike H

My understanding is that Jen were licenced by Vox to make (almost?) exact copies of the original pedal and continued when Vox ceased production. I have an original Jen Cry Baby Super from 1975ish and a brand new Vox "chrome top" reissue - they both have that really cheezy/honky sound that none of the Jim Dunlop pedals seem to get close to. I think it's to do with the crappy inductor that they (Vox/Jen) use. (Look for a small white plastic drum inside with FASEL written on it - none of the Jim Dunlops I have seen use this type)  
As to value, I don't think it is a collectors item since Jen are still manufacturing - it is only worth what your ears tell you it's worth when you hear it next to any other version!  
Hope the above is of some assistance,  

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