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BOSS pedals

3/18/1997 5:10 AM
Nat Ives
BOSS pedals
I am running a DD-3 delay and a CE-2 chorus in my effects loop. Any suggestions on what order I should put them? Also, on my Rivera M-60, the effects loop has adjustable sends and return controls. How should I set these for the cleanest signal possible? Thanks for listening.
8/12/1997 1:47 AM
Austin C

Hi Nat  
You'll get the best results by putting the chorus before the delay. This will keep the repeats clear. Of course you can have them the other way round, but with a loss of clarity.  
As for the fx loop.... set the send level as hot as you can to keep the signal above the noise floor. If you set it too high then the pedals will start to break up and the distortion from a DD3 is horrible.  
Then set the return level to taste. It depends on what you want. If you switch the loop in and out then adjust it to fit the other sounds you use.  
If it's on all the time then set it for what sounds best. Moderate levels for clean, hot levels for driving the output section hard.  
Hope this has helped  
See Ya  

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