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Anybody know about Alesis XT:c digital reverbs?

3/17/1997 1:24 PM
Mic Kaczmarczik
Anybody know about Alesis XT:c digital reverbs?
I ran across one of these recently. Anybody know  
anything about them? The Alesis Web pages says  
it was the second release of their XT digital  
reverb, but not much else.  
6/27/1997 3:58 PM
Ken Lewellen

I had one of those years ago and have regreted every day that it has been gone. The guy I traded it to is a friend of mine and he still has it and won't let it go. The unit is very limited but very simple and quited effective. They idd have a problem with a couple of little transistors on the output that were used a muting circuits for power up. I removed those.  
Ken Lewellen
7/28/1997 11:17 PM
Mic Kaczmarczik
Re: Anybody know about Alesis XT:c digital reverbs
Wow, thanks for the reply (I don't usually check  
this board). I don't think I'll be letting mine  
go, because as you said, it's simple and effective. It makes a great preamp/reverb for  
a guitar with low output pickups.  
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