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ZOOM 3030

3/16/1997 9:44 AM
Damon Butts ZOOM 3030
I running my zoom 3030 straight into my mesa DC5, the problem is the chorus and delay signals are weak.  
When i run it through the fx loop my tone suffers. any suggestions ?
8/5/1997 1:56 AM
Austin C

I run a Zoom 3030 into a similar amplifier with no problems, but I run the amp clean with lots of headroom.  
If you add any grit at the amplifier you end up losing stuff like delay repeats and any spacial texture loses it's definition rapidly.  
On the other hand, if you use the fx loop you are tapping into the amp just after the pre-amp so you can dial in amp distortion and then pass the signal to the Zoom...  
If your fx loop tone sucks it could be that you're using patches with too much compression. This works great straight into the front of the amp but when feeding a power stage it kills the attack.  
So if you're going straight in.... keep the amp clean and feed it anything you like.  
If you're using the fx loop.. try using a patch with just pitch, time and modulation fx - no dynamic stuff like compression or expansion.  
Also make sure the amp simulator module is off when playing through an amp. This feature works well into a desk or headphones but through an amp produces a strangled, funkless sound.  
Hope this has helped.  
See ya  
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