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Rackmounting Pedals

3/9/1997 3:59 PM
Carl Fuehrer
Rackmounting Pedals
Does anyone have good ideas on how to rackmount pedals for transporting and  
uses in a rack case? I have been looking into a sliding shelf and  
possiblly mounting the pedals with the screws thru the shelf, but I want  
to see if anyone else has any better ideas. Hey BTW nice webpage it is  
helpful to me. Thanks!!
3/11/1997 10:40 AM
Nat Ives

I know it seems crude, but for years I have used velcro. The tricky part is attaching the stuff to the bottom of the pedals. I used formica cement; which worked OK, once I got a good bond. I actually used aa finished piece of plywood, cut to size, sanded and varnished, to attach my devices. The beauty of this system is that you can easily add and remove devices. Having everyrthibg on a "rack" like this minimizes cable wear and intermittent problems associated with trying to move a bunch of stuff all at once. You can get wide strips if velcro at fabric shops. hope this helps.
3/13/1997 6:00 PM
Mark Hammer

The velcro idea is a good one, although you need to remember  
that the glue is bonded to the *paint*, and not the metal  
chassis. This would only present a problem if the pedals  
get yanked on with any frequency, which is, if I'm not  
mistaken, the opposite of what one intends to do with a  
rackmount setup.  
Currently, I have a floorboard arrangement with my stomp-boxes  
attached to a single piece of formica-covered fibre-board.  
I figured out where I wanted them, drilled a few holes, and  
used long cable fasteners (11") that pass through the holes,  
and around the boxes. Works fine. If you get them cheap  
enough, you won't even mind cutting them to get in and change  
3/15/1997 5:29 PM
C.J. Wilson

Another method that I have used to attach pedals to a board is to use "boat snaps". Basically, they are used for canvas converings. You attach one half to the board and the other half can screw into the existing screw holes in the pedal. (You may have to use different screws, etc.)
4/24/1997 2:32 AM
Richard Sewell

Yeah, I've found the cable ties to work quite well , gaffa is also useful to fix the ties onto the pedals.  
I've got an ammuntion case that I've used the lid of to tie the pedals onto. The pedals are help to the underside of the lid( can't do that with velcro!) so when U wanna use it U lift tha' whole lid off & chuck it on tha' floor.  
I wish I could get themcheap enough!  

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