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6.3 volt Dc supply + compressor schematic

3/5/1997 6:52 PM
Tim Rand
6.3 volt Dc supply + compressor schematic
Hi Iwas wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction I've seen it before a good cct for a 6.3v DC heater schematic I can't remember where it was ?  
Also has anyone got any compressor schematics as they seem to be rather rare  
3/8/1997 12:39 AM
Steve Morrison

Is this" target="_blank">">this the one you're looking for Tim?
4/23/1997 1:18 PM
Jack Orman

I just designed a compressor with Tom Henry and it should be posted on the Midwest Analog web site by the time you read this. I know Tom is having the boards made this week. Kits will be available but the schematic will be online to view free.  
Connect to it via:
4/24/1997 6:30 AM
thanx I'll check it out straight away  
4/25/1997 8:53 AM
Jeremy Epstein

Not quite yet, Jack - but I will be on the lookout, for sure.  
BTW, I like the EPFM compressor using the CLM6000's quite a bit.  
4/25/1997 2:58 PM
Jack Orman

Well, the prototypes have been made and tested. We spent a lot of time on the design, getting it just right for guitar use. It is based on Anderton's design but with a tome control circuit and some component optimization.
5/14/1997 6:16 AM
Jack Orman

Well, after some final circuit tweeking,  
the Whisper Compressor design is now  
available. Check out the Midwest Analog  
site at:" TARGET="_top">  
regards, Jack

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