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Morley pedal bulbs

2/15/1997 9:34 AM
Mark Hammer
Morley pedal bulbs
A student of mine requested that I fix his Morley Power Wah Boost.  
Upon inspection, the bulb which alters the photocells is  
burnt out and needs replacing. Any ideas what it is usually  
replaced with? Is it a proprietary Morley bulb or something more  
This is one of those big floor pedals with AC power. I measure  
+40VDC going through the bulb.  
Incidentally, the construction on this thing is, well, tenuous in  
many respects. All the crucial parts seem to be held down or  
together with tape (which has lost its adhesive qualities over time).  
The photocells seem like they can be easily bent in different  
directions to yield lesser and greater light sensitivity (something  
which those of you with functioning pedals might want to try  
futzing around with.
2/17/1997 10:29 AM
Christian Landry

Call Morley direct, they are in business at 800 284-5172. Hope this helps,  
2/20/1997 9:03 PM
Mark Hammer

"Helps?" That's an understatement.  
I phoned the 1-800 number you gave and connected up with one of  
the techs (the name escapes me). He indicated that the current  
Morley owners did not purchase the rights to the older AC  
powered pedals, and have no mandate/requirement to fix them.  
HOWEVER, when he heard that it was a burnt out bulb, he said he  
would simply mail me one, no charge. I'm impressed. That's  
what I call customer relations.  
Thanks Chris. Thanks Morley.
10/1/1997 8:37 PM
I once replaced the bulb in a similar Morely volume pedal. Hopefully, your bulb is similar. There was a very tiny '387' stamped on its metal base, which corresponds to an easily available T-1 3/4 midget flange base incandescent lamp.  
The 387 is rated at 28 V, 40 mA. You measured 40 VDC going TO the bulb, but once it is in place, the series resistor will drop the 40 V down to the proper level.  
Digi-Key, Mouser, ect. will have this bulb, but I got mine at the local electronics store (not Radio Shack).
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