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Re: Flangers

2/1/1997 12:25 PM
Bryan Fishell
Re: Flangers
Not to be a bastard and drag this conversation out anylonger than needs be, but I have a problem with believing that there were any true flanging devices produced before around 1977. My main problem in believing that is in the fact that I am not sure that the parts were available for flanging before then. The heart of the flanger lies in the time delay circuit, namely the BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) part MN3004 or similar. Was this part in fact produced before the advent of the A/DA flanger?
2/1/1997 5:34 PM
Steve Morrison

The A/DA flanger most definitely wasn't the first, but it was one of the best. PAiA's Phlanger was available early in 1976, and I remember wondering at the time if they had actually scooped all the big companies by being the first to get an electronic flanging device to market (I still don't know the answer) because theirs was the first I had heard of. I seem to recall Reticon's SAD 1024 BBD chip as being available (or at least announced) as early as 1975, and I would guess that it wasn't the first BBD chip because the data sheets told of it's many improvements over earlier designs. The world's very first flanger actually went by another name: It was called "the tape recorder."
2/3/1997 7:53 AM
Mark Hammer

Steve's right.  
Matsushita (Panasonic) remain probably the only dependable, and easily  
available, source of BBD's, but Reticon was in there first. The same  
SAD-1024 that served as the delay device for solid-state echo boxes  
(Memory Man, etc.) also served as the basis for flangers.  
The first tape-based flanging sound I ever heard was a song from the  
late 50's called "The Big Hurt" by (I think) Dodie Philips. Later  
tape-based flanges of note were "Itchy-Coo Park" by the Small Faces  
and "Sky Pilot" by Eric Burdon and the Animals in the mid 60's.
2/7/1997 5:54 AM
R.G. Keen

I don't know how much help this will be, but I do have an excellent supply  
of NOS Reticon SAD1024's. I have supplied a number of commercial parts suppliers, and still have many year's worth. They're $10 each.

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