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1/13/1997 6:17 PM
Bo Faulkner
Got an original EH 4800 small stone phase shifter.Anyone got any idea if this  
pedal is worth anything?I might consider trading for another cool pedal!
1/23/1997 7:33 PM
Bryan Fishell

It depends on what kind of sound you are looking for. If you like that really swooshy Pink Floyd sound, you might want to look at an MXR Phase 90. It sounds EXCELLENT. It has such a variety as well. You can get a standard phaser sound, a rotating Leslie sound, or even an auto wah. Another pedal that I heard has a very good sound is the A/DA flanger. It is the very first flanger made. I highly recommend it!
2/1/1997 11:27 AM
Mark Hammer
Re: Flanger history errata
It's not a big deal, but A/DA's flanger was far from the first  
commercially available flanger. If my own historical knowledge is  
accurate, EH's Electric Mistress and PAIA's Phlanger (I had one and I  
miss it) predate A/DA's by at least a year or two. If memory serves,  
Eventide probably had one long before A/DA as well. There are probably  
others I'm missing (MXR?). Does A/DA produce an analog flanger that  
yields desirable sounds? Many people resoundingly say "Yes!"
4/17/1997 5:40 AM

hi. i had the fortune to repair a tychobrahe pedalflanger which possessed a delay chip no one could identify, not even the illustrious R.G.Keen.  
i was able to tweak the trimpots with the help of an earlier version of the pedal which had fewer parts and a sad1024. the owner of the older pedal said he bought it new in 1974. it was a howler. turn the intensity past 2 o'clock and cover your ears. the later version had a noise gate on the input and was better behaved. both pedals varied speed or manual sweep and kinda sucked tone like most 70's pedals. if you ever see one and it's less than 200 bucks i say grab it.  
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