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tube screamer op amp

6/7/1999 2:12 PM
tube screamer op amp
I've checked out the "Inside Tube Screamer" at R.G.'s GEO site, and thinking about building one.  
Can I use just run-of-the-mill 741 or TLO71 or TLO81 op-amps, or do I have to track down some exotic type? I didn't recognize any of the brands listed in the article.  
6/7/1999 2:41 PM
Jack Orman

You need to use a dual opamp - the ones that you listed are all singles.  
The TL072 or TL082 work well... the RC4558 is run-of-the-mill and fairly easy to find. IMHO, the RC4559 works as good or better than the JRC4558 that some people rave about, and it's lower noise.  
regards, Jack
6/7/1999 8:01 PM

I suggest putting in a socket and then doing the experimentation. All the duals available have the same pinout.  
I've heard of good results with the RC4558 (raytheon) LM833 (National Semi) TLC2722 (TI) as well as the JRC.
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