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Hotbox vs. Dirtbox

6/7/1999 2:19 AM
Hotbox vs. Dirtbox
Hello folks. Can anyone elaborate on the differences between the Matchless Hotbox and Dirtbox? Are there any? Does anyone have a schematic of the Dirtbox? I read a review in Guitar Player awhile back that said good things about the Dirtbox.  
I've never played through either one; just curious.....  
6/7/1999 11:31 AM

The Dirtbox I believe is the exact same as the Hotbox without the 2nd channel--clean. And adds a Midrange control.  
Similiar to the Coolbox is the Vibrobox without the Vibrato.  
6/8/1999 6:42 PM
Michael Burgundy

The dirtbox also runs on two ax7īs, but is as BWilliamson states a one-channel, 3-band eq affair. The EQ section is highly interactive (some would say strange) but very, very versatile. I donīt have a schem (but I want one! Anyone?) but I seriously doubt the perfectionists at Matchless would leave that one triode idle....  
All in all, it *looks* like the Dirtbox might be a bit more versatile, but I donīt know. Iīm looking for one to take apart, but theyīre rather hard to find in these parts...
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