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Fulltone 69, too much bass...

6/4/1999 5:59 AM
Coen Wolters
Fulltone 69, too much bass...
Hi all,  
I hope you can help me out with this: I build the Fulltone 69 fuzz and I really like it, except that there's so much low end in the pedal, it's just too much.  
Thanks for any help!  
6/4/1999 6:08 AM

Decrease the input capacitor from 2.2uF to 1uF or even less, to your taste.
6/4/1999 6:21 AM
Coen Wolters

Thanks alot R.G.!  
I can build pedals from schematics, but I'm still not at the point where I can mod the pedals the way I want it.  
I'll try this immediately.  
I'm the guy who had these nasty "plops"....I got that problem solved btw.  
Thanks again!  
6/4/1999 8:03 AM

Nasty Plops?
"I'm the guy who had these nasty "plops"....I got that problem solved btw."
What was it?
6/4/1999 9:22 AM
Coen Wolters

When hitting the DPDT switch I had these nasty plops...  
I used to make my effects on VERO. For some reason there was this DC-offset.  
Now I make my own PCB's and it's over....
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