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Re: led/ldr

6/8/1999 10:33 AM
Re: led/ldr
Yes i have read a few library books on electronics and schematics already, i am very interested in continuing my litle hobby and learning as much as i can about it.  
I think what i'll try to do first is put an led next to a photocell facing it and enclose it w/ some tape or something. (WILl this work?)  
6/8/1999 11:03 AM

Good for you! Go for it!  
For the 440, you will need two photocells. You can light them from one LED. Yes, this will work.
6/3/1999 1:04 PM
Dean Hazelwanter

Actually, RG, I've been able to get the  
CLM600(0)s quite easily, a few times, through MCD Electronics. If you search the archives here you should be able to find a few times when I've posted info about MCD, or if anyone's interested, I can dig the info out and post again.  
'The classic LED/LDR optoisolator is the CLM6000, which is not available any  
more, or available erratically. You can get substitutes in the Silonex NSL32 or the  
Vactec VTL5C3. '
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