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Ampeg Scrambler

5/28/1999 6:55 PM
Ampeg Scrambler
I've been trying to troubleshoot a Scrambler from a Keen Toner Transfer package with no luck.  
I do not get 4v on the darlingtons at the output. I get nothing. I do get 8.2v on the emitters like I'm supposed to, but no voltage on the collectors. I've checked for shorts and haven't found anything. I've replaced the MPS-A13s and that hasn't helped.
5/28/1999 11:04 PM

I'd be happy to help you with that by email. Measure the DC voltages of  
(a) the battery terminals  
(b) the battery voltage *on the circuit board*  
(c) each pin on each transistor  
and email the voltages. This turns up most problems immediately.
5/29/1999 1:23 AM
Would it be a good idea to include the nominal DC voltages on your schematics ? Fender still does this on their tube amp schematics, and I bet it would help a lot of people with their troubleshooting.
5/29/1999 2:47 AM

Yes, I've been doing that as I go through updates on the documents. There's about 20 packages now, and it keeps me hopping.
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