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(OT) Another one of *those* days in SoCal.

2/2/1999 8:53 PM
John Greene
(OT) Another one of *those* days in SoCal.
Went for a ride during lunch...  
Rough Weather!  
2/3/1999 1:03 AM
What a great picture ! You can actually see the brown layer of air that holds the heat in and keeps us cozy and warm.  
Didn't your mother teach you it's not nice to tease ? This winter has been so nice that it's easy to forget how miserable everyone else is. Besides, pictures like this just make them want to move here and clog up our freeways.
2/3/1999 1:14 AM

Yeah - well, .... well...  
This morning after the fog finally burned off and we could see, the temperature shot up to about 60 and the sun came out here in Austin, just before the thunderstorms moved in. Although the downdrafts dropped the temperature to the low 40's briefly, it was only for about five minutes before the rain started, which rapidly warmed things back up to about 55, which is good, because the marble-to-golfball-sized hail melted off really quickly.  
Not only did the hail melt, but on its way down, it killed most of the early mosquitos which have emerged this spring, and a fair number of the chihuahua-sized ticks (a few of the little ones always seem to get away, somehow). Then after the showers dribbled out after only a miserly (I don't dare use the other synonym for "stingy") four inches of rain in 45 minutes, the warm Gulf air moved in and picked us right back to a toasty 75 and 97% humidity. That lasted most of the early afternoon, balmy spring weather (like they say, Houston is the weather resort of the world), before a front from west Texas blew in carrying our daily dusting of ... well, dust, and this helped to soak up that excess moisture, just like talcum power on your - oh, never mind.  
The dust did obsure vision a bit, so when the front with the thunderstorms changed its mind and wavered back through, it rinsed everything clean, and we could once again smell the gentle odors of petrochemicals wafting from the refineries for the drive home.  
Just another beautiful Texas day. You guys don't know what you're missing.
2/5/1999 11:50 AM
Paul Perry

Good one RG, I'd be ROFL, but I dont dare as I'd probably stick there.. last 3 days 95, 95, 95 deg here in Melb Australia. Those guys trying to sell cheap Austin real estate never told me abt any of that weather! Just that I could save a bundle wringing fuel out of the washing on the line.
2/5/1999 1:43 PM

"Just that I could save a bundle wringing fuel out of the washing on the line."
It makes lighting a cigarette tricky, too...
2/6/1999 10:29 PM

R.G., I do know, having lived in Austin for 3 years awhile ago. It's a nice place for the most part, but the weather is horrible. The first time I stepped out of the Robert Mueller Airport on a July day, I thought I was going to pass out. The air was so hot and moisture laden it felt like I had to use a knife to cut my way through it. It was so hot I've even jumped in Town lake a couple times, water quality be damned.  
2/6/1999 8:12 PM

Were you driving to get electronic components??? :-)  
There weather is nice here in Hawaii, but... order away for everything...  
Which reminds me...  
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