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Stage Center Reverb question

5/7/1998 1:36 AM
Arnold Moon
Stage Center Reverb question
Hi~ it's me again..  
i still can't speak english well...  
i have some questions...  
1. now i know the pin number of TL084  
But.. on the schems..  
there are no sign +, -  
TT; so i can't find what is inverting input  
and what is non inverting input..  
can you understand me? TT;  
so.. how can i do?  
let me know.. the pin number of 4136..  
help me one more time..  
2. should i install two 9V transformer?  
there are two 9v supply on the schems  
please anser these question please  
5/11/1998 3:56 PM
Mark Hammer
Don't worry about your English. Fuzz is the international language.  
I'll consult my schematic for it tonight and let you know soon. In the meantime, some of the information you want can be found at:  
There are some pinouts for the chips in question, and some schematics for power supplies.

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