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Marshall Supa-Fuzz

2/3/1998 6:08 PM
Marshall Supa-Fuzz
Anybody out there who's got a Marshall Supa-Fuzz ? I believe they were made in the late -60 to early -70's by Marshall in England.(They also had a Supa-Wah) The circuit looks alot like a Fuzz Face but with an additional output stage.  
I've traced one ages ago but haven't had the time to build it and what I remember it sounded like a FF on steroids.So I'd be glad to hear some comments on the Supa-Fuzz.  
3/16/1998 12:30 PM
Ian Anderson
Re: Marshall Supa-Fuzz schem wanted
If you have the Marshall Supa-Fuzz schematic, I'd love a copy - I've been searching for that one for some time now. Apparently George Harrison used one on some of the Beatles' tracks.  
Later... Ian Anderson
3/16/1998 1:37 PM
R.G. Re: Marshall Supa-Fuzz
I think that this is part of the SolaSound Tone Bender story. According to Wyatt, Sola made the early fuzzes for Vox, Marshall and later under their own name. The Marshall was supposed to be one of these.  
The SupaFuzz I've seen has an additional preamp stage in front of the FF core, not an additional output stage. I'd be very interested to see the schem for the one you have. Trade schems?
3/18/1998 7:47 AM

As R.G pointed out it has an additional input stage not *output* stage. My memory wasn't too clear on that point but as I dug up the schematic I noticed my mistake. Sorry.  
Does anyone have a schematic on the Park fuzz(as sold by Marshall), it's a blue three knob thing. Also has anybody seen the Marshall Supa-Wah?  
I guess they are more common here in Europe than in the U.S but nevertheless I haven't come across any here.  
3/18/1998 8:37 AM
Chris Hopkins

It's possible that the Park fuzz is the same as the Marshall on byt with a tone knob.  
I've never seen a supa-wah except in the Marshall book, I did read that it was a clone of the crybaby  
3/19/1998 9:01 PM
MP, when was the Park made?
Hey MP,  
What year do you remember the Park Fuzz being issued?  
I know it was made by Sola/Colour Sound, and is modeled off one of the three-knob Tonebenders, but I'm not sure which model. Choices are:  
1. Late '60's, Vox Three-Knobbed Tonebender  
2. Early '70's Color/Sola Sound Tonebender  
3. '74+ Vox Supa-Tonebender  
4. '79+ Colorsound Jumbo Tonebender  
I thought it might be the based around the Jumbo, but I'm not sure when the Park was issued.  
Anyway, I've been trying for a while to figure out which is which, so any help is appreciated.  
3/20/1998 9:53 AM
I don't know the year when it was made but Marshall used the Park name from, if my memory serves me right, 1969 until the late -70's due to the fact that Marshall sold the right to distribute Marshall products to Rose-Morris Ltd.  
Under the Park name other distributors were able sell Marshall made products such as amps and effects.  
Marshall (under the name of Park) also made some product development and had some really good amps. The were modelled after production Marshalls but with higher gain and better tone and special amps being made as well.  
As for the year of the pedals being made, I'd say they were made in the early to mid -70's.  
Take a look at 'Guitar Player' Pedal Stampede issue, I don't remember when it came out but there is a picture of a blue three knob Park fuzz there.  
Hope this helps you out a bit.  
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