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The Technology of the Tube Screamer

1/2/1998 11:48 PM
The Technology of the Tube Screamer
John Greene and I have been discussing a pair of technical articles, on the Tube Screamer and it's derivative, the Fulldrive. I was supposed to be updating the Tube Amp FAQ, but got seduced by the immediacy of the TS article. Anyways, I sat down and wrote it out. It's too long to post here reasonably, and needs one more pass of editing, but it'll be on line in the next day or so on my web page.  
I describe the insides of the TS series stage by stage, and point out what shapes the distortion and frequency response, and point out some mods and conversions between the members of the family.  
I'll post an HTML link here when it's on line.
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