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TS-9/808 Mods ???

11/23/1996 1:59 PM
T. Neary TS-9/808 Mods ???
Digging around the net I have found various Tube Screamer mods. These involve changing op amps(?), cap and resistor values and types, and circuit rewiring, if my memory serves me correctly. They are intended for most/all of the TS series, but seem mainly directed at the reissue TS-9' make them "warmer", "smoother", "fatter", etc. I think these are available through "AnalogueMan", "Weber Vintage Sound Technologies", etc. I would like to hear from anyone who has any comments, opinions, experience with these or other TS mods.  
11/25/1996 12:23 PM
R.G. Keen

The circuits for the TS series (808, 9, 10, and 5) are all very similar. They differ in no more than four resistor values in the signal path portion of the circuit, and in using a different opamp type. I have the circuit(s) available on my web page," target="_blank">"> The mods all seem to run $30-50, and usally involve changing the resistor values, usually to make the TS-808 out of one of the others.  
If you can solder, you can do this yourself. The differences are very subtle, not dramatic. The biggest change is in changing the opamp. The NJM4558 used in the TS10 and 5 is reputed to sound worse than the JRC4558 in the TS808 and TS9. I recommend that people pull out the opamp and put in a socket to do their own tinkering.  
The sonic qualities of smoothness, creaminess, warmth, etc, depend --- a lot! --- on what amp you drive with the TS series and how its front end responds to being overdriven.  
As an aid to tinkerers, I have the original JRC4558's available.

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