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Remote pedal:Maestro/OberheimPS-1A

11/23/1996 1:40 PM
T. Neary Remote pedal:Maestro/OberheimPS-1A
I purchased a Maestro PS-1A phase shifter a while back...sounds great...Leslie-ish on "fast" phase setting. I am wondering about the 6 pin (3+3) plug at the back of the unit, as far as I know this is supposedly for a remote footswitch of some type. Any info., schematic, etc., would be appreciated. Please post as a message here...  
11/27/1996 7:14 AM
CJ Landry

I worked on one a while back and realized that the 6 pin connectror was not very difficult to figure out. I took a paper clip and shorted 2 pins and changed a setting that way. I believe one pin when connected to another one properly with a pot, will give you the capability of sweeping the signal much like a variable phase shifter. Anywho, Unfortunatly I do not have any more info than that.  
11/27/1996 2:12 PM
T. Neary
...Thanks for the info. Christian. I'll have to tinker with it, and see what happens.  
I would still appreciate any info., descriptions, etc. anyone has on the original remote switch...  

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