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tremolo schematics

11/12/1996 9:43 AM
frank yang
tremolo schematics
Has anyone out there ever built their own tremolo pedal? Theoretically, it doesn't seem very difficult, yet I have yet to find complete pedal schematics on the web anywhere. Any reason for this? If anyone has schems for a good tremolo pedal, or have the necessary modifications to the ones available on the DMZ site, I'd appreciate a copy. Thanks
11/23/1996 11:47 AM
R.G. Keen

I have both schematics and aids to making circuit boards for a clone of the old Electro-Harmonix "Pulsar" tremolo on my web page at" target="_blank">">  
I also keep DPDT stomp switches, 3PDT (!) stomp switches, germanium transistors, SAD1024 delay chips, JRC4558 dual opamps, and circuit board aids for  
- tube screamer clone  
- fuzz face clone  
- big muff pi clone  
- univibe clone  
- fender blender clone  
- foxx tone machine clone  
- Tychobrahe octavia clone  
- univox superfuzz clone  
I don't know why the schematics at the DMZ all seem to be missing the bypass switching. Try looking at the "second page of schematics, courtesy of Leper's Musical Archive" at DMZ. These were drawn to be complete and accurate.
4/24/1997 1:53 AM
Richard Sewell

Tremelo or vibrato?  
These two get confused all the time...  
I have designed & built a VOLUME modulation circuit with bypass switching & lots of knobs to select different waveforms... Is this wot U mean? Let me know...  
Get up,  
4/24/1997 3:20 PM
R.G. Keen

Strictly speaking,  
Tremolo = Amplitude modulation  
Vibrato = Frequency modulation  
but they have been over- and mis-used the words so much that it's impossible to tell from the use.
4/24/1997 3:11 PM
Mark Hammer

As always, Craig Anderton has one. I think it showed up in either GP or Keyboard, many years back. I'm not sure, but it may be one of those found in his most recent book of guitar projects.  
The design is fairly straightforward: a buffering input stage, and a photocell-based attenuator between the first and second op-amps. The photocell (a CLM6000) is "wiggled" by a 4049-based triangle/square-wave oscillator.  
I have a copy of the article and can probably send you a scan of it if you can't find it anywhere.  
How does it sound? Pretty good. It can be adjusted to be very subtle, and there is considerable control (and opportunity for mods) of the control oscillator. Quiet too. A two-battery box.  
Also built another one from Electronics Today that used a Motorola MC3340 attenuator chip as the controlled element. The MC3340 probably has some serious potential for electronic volume pedals and other things, but this design did not produce a pleasing result. Quiet, simple, but wimpy.

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