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Ibanez Tube King

11/11/1996 6:39 PM
Anthony Stauffer
Ibanez Tube King
I have been considering getting a TS-9 for some time now, but I have since read of the Ibanez Tube King pedal which actually uses a tube, and I'm wondering what the word on that pedal is. Oh yeah, I am aware that there is an older pedal called a Tube King that is in a dark green chassis, thats not the one I'm talking about. The one I'm referring to is silver in color with about six knobs on top.
11/12/1996 9:53 AM
CJ Landry

I heard an old one a few years ago and the comment we all had was that it buzzed very bad. I do not know about this one. Maybe Ibanez has improved it.
4/24/1997 2:04 AM
Richard Sewell

I have got one of these pedals (5 knobs) it uses a real tube and a whole heap of solid state stuff to keep it going & run a noise gate..  
They do sound quite good, better than the tube screamer re issue or boss turbo/supa overdrive (in my opinion).  
I actually want to sell mine! Wanna buy it?  
I guess you are in the 'states though & I am on the other side of the world (Perth WestAust)  
Only problem, is that the tube runs on low voltage so there is some funny bassy noise, but otherwise they are pretty good (and expensive)  
I've just finished a high voltage all tube preamp to take it's place on my board, which I must admit beats the shit out of any stomp box, but the Tube king is best one I've played.  
Hope this is of some use,  

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