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Schematics for Wahwah-Modification

11/10/1996 11:20 AM
Michael Haertl
Schematics for Wahwah-Modification
some time ago i saw a do-it-yourself-kit which modifies a standard  
wahwah pedal to a "megawah" with 9 different wahwah sounds.  
Unfortunately i forgot where i found it.  
Does anyone now about this nice kit?  
And does anyone have the schematics or the layout for it?  
thanks for all hints.  
11/23/1996 11:50 AM
R.G. Keen

It's not all that big a deal. You just need a one pole/ many position rotary switch and an assortment of capacitor values. The stock crybaby uses a 0.01 resonance cap. You just rig the switch to select one of many capacitor values, including usually the stock 0.01. This changes the center of the wah range up with lower value caps and down with higher value caps.
6/11/1997 5:16 PM
Wich 0.01 cap? On the inductor? I want a sweep that is extended very, very high!
6/11/1997 6:23 PM
R.G. Keen

... hmmm... I can't see who I'm talking to...  
maybe if you asked under a plausible ID I could remember how that went...
6/11/1997 9:29 PM
Mark Cameron
Try looking at the schematics of the Fox fuzz wah and the Electro Harmonix fuzz wah too there here on the net (D.M.Z)and compare the schematics of the regular Wah that you have to these and I think you will be able to figure it out. I have done this mod to many Wah's, and it is pretty cool. To R. G. Keen thanks for the great web page it has helped me out a lot. I have also told other new people on the net about your site. Good luck to both of you guys.

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