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ppm Values?

11/4/1996 11:31 AM
Berin Loritsch
ppm Values?
Not wanting to sound like an ignoramous, I have a little confusion regarding ppm specs in parts catalogs. Being a self taught electronics person, I never had the benefit of EE schooling. My question is simply, "What has a better temperature stability, 50 ppm or 200 ppm?" In chemistry, ppm stands for 'parts per million,' does it mean the same thing here? If it does, how does it apply? Hopefully, someone out there can help me.
11/12/1996 9:59 AM
CJ Landry

The ppm is usually specified as ppm/C or parts per million per degrees Celcius. This is a drift factor of the part in question. So, 50 ppm will drift less at a certain temp than a 200 ppm will. The price of a 50 ppm part is usually more expensive than the 200 ppm. For effects, this spec is null unless you live in an igloo or an oven.

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