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Magnatone Vibrato Varistors

8/24/1996 9:45 AM
Bill Boyd
Magnatone Vibrato Varistors
I'm playing around with Vibrato circuits from old Magnatones (like the 280/260 and others), but can't source the right varistors. Can anyone help me find the data for them and a modern source??  
8/26/1996 10:02 PM

You might give Robert Stamps a try for Magnatone parts and info on where to find what you need. His shop is The Amp Shop in Reseda, CA. 818.705.3021. I just sent him my Magna 280 to have the vibrato repaired and the amp brought up to spec. He has done a lot of work on Magnas and was recommended to me by Paul Patronete of Groove Tubes. Happy hunting!  

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