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ICs in BOSS Pedal???

8/23/1996 10:42 AM
Erik M. Wood
ICs in BOSS Pedal???
Howdy. I recently bought a BOSS OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion pedal, and I popped the hood to see what made it tick. I found two ICs and a whole bunch of discrete transistors. The only thing is I can't seem to figure them out them in my Mouser or Digikey catalogues. If anyone knows the identity of the following mystery parts, I would very much appreciate the info.  
They are:  
-One eight pin DIP that says 1458D above, and right below it, it  
says JRC4082A  
-One SIP that says M5218AL above, and 448009 below.  
I'm not quite sure which of the two sets of numbers to go by for either IC.  
The transistors are:  
-Several with K1118 printed above, with a Y '5D below.  
-Then there are a few with C3378, one with K184, and one with C2458. Each with GR 5C printed below the first code.  
Is there a particular coding system that I should be looking for? Each of the two sets of numbers on these chips seems to have an equivalent in the catalogs, but they mean different things. Help!  
8/23/1996 10:44 AM

Sounds like you need an ECG or SK cross-reference book. They will give you one at your local electronics store. Or if your into computers they have them on disk. They charged me about $6.00 each. The books contain much more information. Also check out the front part of the ECG book, there is some valuable info there, too.  
Good luck and don't forget to discharge! jb
8/23/1996 10:45 AM
CJ Landry

The 1458D is abbreviated for LM1458, a common dual op-amp put out by National and other mfg's. Also the K1118 is abbrev. for 2SK1118 and C3378 abbrev. for 2SC3378. The Japanese do this alot. I repair effects on the side and see this quite often.  
e-mail if you need anything

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