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posting problem

6/1/1999 7:21 AM
posting problem
Is anyone else having problems posting. I'm not having it always but it sure has happened alot lately. I'll write a response, hit post, and then get to the next screen (something about "your message was posted in the blah, blah ,blah). But then my message doesn't appear. If I exit ampage and come back it'll be there. Is this a browser problem (using same browser I always have).  
I've noticed some double postings lately that lead me to believe that I'm not the only one experiencing this.  
T-boy, I'm not complaining in no way just thought I bring it to your attention.  
6/1/1999 4:05 PM

When you say your message doesn't appear, do you mean the list of messages appears in the left frame without the one you just posted, or that the list doesn't appear at all?  
If the list fails to appear, it probably means you haven't checked the 'refresh after post' box at the bottom of the message editing screen, or that you don't have cookies enabled in your browser preferences settings.  
In either case you should see a link on the "your message was posted in the blah, blah" page that you can click to refresh the message list manually.  
6/1/1999 5:42 PM

My cookies are enabled ( my name and email always appear in the Name and Email fields). I don't have the refresh after post checked (never even noticed it,thanks!), but I always hit the click to refresh manually link. It has only happened a few times (from work and home). No big deal, it just happened earlier tody so I thought I would try and see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem.  
Oh well, I'm back. It just happened again (this time I had the refresh after post checked) and even after refreshing my browser it didn't show so I hit the back button and came back here to try again. So here goes>
6/1/1999 8:16 PM
Steve A.

    Does your post appear in the thread if you re-enter the forum (the window on the bottom)? You mentioned having to leave AMPAGE and then return to see your post listed.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. The double-postings usually occur when the browser seems to lock up after clicking on "POST". You do seem to be getting past that point.
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