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Cross-Reference Database Has To Move

5/31/1999 2:01 PM
Joe Fuzz

Cross-Reference Database Has To Move
I just found out that the account I've piggybacked the Cross reference database onto is going to be closed. The owner wants to move to another ISP by July 1st.  
Unfortunately, I don't have a place to move it to. I'd put it on Xoom but the free web hosts have a thing about cgi scripts.  
If anyone knows of a free host that allows cgi scripts, please let me know. Perhaps you even run one yourself? I'd be happy to WS-FTP it over to a new permanent site, maybe give it a nice facelift.  
Or if you just want to take it off my hands; that'd work too. I'd just hate to see it vanish from the web.
5/31/1999 3:40 PM

I could host it here if you want, Joe. Email me and we can yak about the details.  
5/31/1999 4:36 PM
Joe Fuzz

Thanks, tboy. I sent you an e-mail.
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