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Schematics and Tube Data

5/28/1999 2:35 PM
Schematics and Tube Data
Help!!!! I am running IE5 and Win 98 through a cable modem. I can't load the schematic or the tube data pages! It tries but then tells me it can't access them, sometimes I get just the header of the page and nothing else. Any ideas?  
5/28/1999 4:36 PM

Network conditions vary over time, as does the load on the server. Try again later.
5/29/1999 10:30 AM

It's been this way for almost a week. That was my first thought so I have tried at different times, and also to come in from other sites like Duncan Munro's, no luck.  
5/29/1999 10:04 PM
anonymous Works with netscape
tboy- I just downloaded netscape and it works, still doesn't work with IE5 though.  
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