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MP3 tunes

5/28/1999 6:03 AM

MP3 tunes
Listen to me playing! "Odd"" target="_blank">">"Odd" (589K) is an instrumental tune which alternates 5/4 with 4/4 time signatures. "Cabala"" target="_blank">">"Cabala" (2,4M) is a fusion instrumental. "Noite"" target="_blank">">"Noite" ("Night") (1,8M) is a blues with lyrics in portuguese. The three compositions are mine. All sequences programmed by me, all instruments played by me.
5/30/1999 1:25 PM

Sounds good!!!!  
I enjoyed them!  
5/31/1999 6:17 AM
Great stuff!  
5/31/1999 3:24 PM
Tobias Karlsson

I like the "Cabala". Cool sounds and rythm.  
What was the effects you were using?  
Harmonizers? Guitarsynth? Steeldrums?  
Tobias Karlsson in Sweden
6/1/1999 5:44 AM

Thanks everyone for your comments.  
The rythm guitar was compressed (BOSS SE-50) and recorded direct.  
The main theme is the "FAT Screamer" with a 100W Twin clone + closed back 4x12", recorded with a SM-57 then to the SE-50 for some reverb. The phasing you hear is done with software (CoolEdit).  
The first solo is the same setup plus a VOX 847 wha.  
The second solo is a Washburn VGA-15 solid state amp, miked with the SM57 and then to the SE-50 where I use the harmonizer, then direct to the soundcard.  
The synths/drums/bass are a Yamaha PSR310 keyboard.  
If you want to go into some detail about it, we can move to the "Recording" forum.
6/1/1999 10:00 AM
Tobias Karlsson

"If you want to go into some detail about it, we can move to the "Recording" forum."  
You have cured my curiosity!  
I enjoy very much listening to other guitarplayers "home work" around the net so, thank you!  
6/3/1999 3:24 AM
Steve A.

    I finally got around to messing with my Event Gina card and transferred some old recordings into MP3 files tonight:  
    Thanks for all of the help with this digital audio stuff!  
Steve Ahola
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