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Netscape 4.6 opens new windows

5/27/1999 8:48 PM
Lee MacMillan
Netscape 4.6 opens new windows
I was having some lockup problems on other sites with 4.05 so I upgraded to 4.6. Now instead of the thread appearing in the left window and the message in the right, the thread opens a new window and highlighting a message opens yet another. I can no longer see the message on the same screen as the thread. Any ideas what Netscape setting I change?
5/27/1999 10:58 PM
Steve A.

    I just upgraded to 4.6 myself last night and the windows here seem to work just fine. I checked through all of the Preferences and could not find anything that looked appropriate. (I think other people were having that problem with 4.5 but tboy revised the code to correct that problem...) Wish I could help!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I made the mistake of installing MGI Photo Suite II since it requires that IE4 be installed on your computer. After doing that Netscape 4.05 could retrieve/send e-mail but it could not browse at all! So I uninstalled IE4 and PSII and figured I better upgrade to NS 4.6 before another program screws it up. BTW are you using Win95 or Win98? Maybe that makes a difference...
5/28/1999 2:46 AM

Oh crap, not again!!  
I don't have 4.6 yet, but I'll try to get it soon and see if there's anything to be done about it.  
6/1/1999 7:13 PM
Shannon M

I'm having a similar problem. Has anyone come up with a fix?  
Shannon Moe
6/1/1999 7:17 PM
Shannon M

I just re-entered through the main page rather than using my bookmark. Now everything works correctly.
6/1/1999 9:30 PM
Lee MacMillan

Shannon was right. It had something to do with my (old) bookmark. I replaced it with this: and it now works as it used to.
6/1/1999 8:21 PM
Steve A.

    Speaking of Netscape 4.6, my e-mail window (AKA "Messenger") displays a Netscape Communicator screen from their Website until I select a message to be displayed. Have you figured out a way to disable it? (I think I clicked on a dialog box somewhere which activated that "feature" now I can't figure out how to turn it off!) What bugs me is the 30 to 45 seconds it takes for the window to load...  
Steve Ahola
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