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Boston without "that Boston sound" !?!?

5/19/1999 5:07 AM

Boston without "that Boston sound" !?!?
Yesterday I've heard something on the radio that really upset me. Someone made a reggae style remix of "More than a Feeling". The heavy guitars were filtered out and in their place they put... a skanking organ! It really stinked.
5/19/1999 6:06 AM

Hmmm....I wonder if that organ just needed a  
good set of Teslas?  
5/19/1999 7:45 PM
Steve A.

Hmmm....I wonder if that organ just needed a good set of Teslas?  
    Hmmm, I always thought that it was Tesla who just needed a good set of organs...  
Steve Ahola  













P.S. In case that reference draws a total blank, Tesla was a loud electric band that put out an acoustic album and then disappeared from the scene... They covered that corny song from the 70's that was originally done by the 5 Man Electrical Band (?) but I can't think of the name right now.

5/19/1999 11:28 PM
Steve A.

5/21/1999 8:42 AM
Mark Hammer

< insert rimshot here >
5/19/1999 8:42 AM
Michael T
I can't imagine it stinking more than the real thing
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