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Re: Cap Tester question

4/29/1999 11:30 AM
ted m
Re: Cap Tester question
I have a BK prec. 815 parts tester which tests caps with a scale from 20m/2000u/200u/20u/2u/200n/20n/2n/200p  
The Sencore may be better, this one is handheld like a dmm, and I think discounted was like $39 or $49 at an electronics shop.
4/30/1999 8:44 PM
Steve A.

    Doug had posted the catalog page for this DMM (for $21.95) recently:  
    Carl mentioned Radio Shack meters and I have mixed feelings about their #22-181A meter (not the one he has because mine is not auto-ranging). The capacitance range up to 400uF seems to work okay, although when measuring pF caps I have to subtract the 132pF open-circuit reading I get on the 4nF range. One problem I do have with the meter is when measuring B+ over 400vdc on tube plates and screens. For some reason (maybe the AC component on the B+???) the meter gives unreliable readings after a second or two and the display will switch over to a totally different function! The meter does work okay for practically everything else- except for measuring the millivolts across a 1 ohm resistor on the cathode, but only on certain amps! So for those two applications I bring in my Wavetek meter from my work van (Wavetek meters cost much less than comparable meters from Fluke and come with a 3 year(?) warranty- if you have any problems with it you can bring it to any Wavetek dealer and they are supposed to exchange it for a new one!)  
    I usually buy my meters for my job as an HVAC tech at the local refrigeration/appliance/electronics parts houses but I got the Radio Shack meter to keep on my workbench at home (I guess I should have gotten the auto-ranging model that Carl recommends!) BTW there are certain applications where you really need/want an analog meter and the larger RS Range Doubler model (#22-215) is actually pretty decent if you don't want to spend the bucks for a Simpson (only I wish it used the the hooded banana plugs on the test leads!)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. If you can get a dedicated BK #815 tester that Ted mentioned for $40 to $50, by all means go for it! Last time I checked (a few years back) dedicated cap testers started at $300+.
5/1/1999 9:58 PM
Tony R.

You can find a good Cap Tester in  
the back of an Electronics Now Mag.  
Its called the Capacitor Wizard.  
$179.00 It test caps in circuit from  
1uf and larger by measuring the ESR  
Equivalent Series Resistance. This  
tester finds bad caps when even some  
of the best testers can't.  
call 1.800.394.1984  
or for the web site  
Howard Electronic Instruments  

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