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Anybody built a D. I.?

3/8/1999 8:39 PM
Greg Anybody built a D. I.?
Just took a look at the direct box schematics over at Jensens site and was wondering what cheaper alternatives there might be to the $70 transformer they offer? I'm sure that would make a really great unit but might Mouser (or other sources) have any good transformers that would do the trick on a slightly lighter budget?  
Wouldn't mind hearing about any other designs or web-available schematics and whatnot, also.  
3/9/1999 2:22 PM
Reid Kneeland

If you want to go cheap (and still be halfway decent), forget transformers and use ICs. There's at least one DI schematic in Craig Anderton's "DIY Projects for Guitarists". An IC-based unit will probably sound better than one made with a cheap transformer.  
3/10/1999 9:26 AM
Steve F

Greg, take a look at the frequency response  
specs for Mouser's audio transformers. Pretty  
limited on the low end - I don't have their  
catalog in front of me, but I think even the  
best of what they have is good to only 300Hz  
or so.  
Not the best place to go cheap, esp. if you  
are contemplating using it for bass.  
Regards, Steve F.
3/10/1999 10:12 AM
Yeah, I did notice that. I'm surprised that there isn't more info on the net about people making their own DI's. Maybe they're just really easy to make and no biggie? Maybe just nobody makes their own?  
3/10/1999 2:26 PM
JD Sleep

These things seem to be WAY over priced to me, so I would be suprised if there aren't at least a few DIYs out there. The IGGY project (Craig Anderton's that was mentioned earlier) looks pretty good. There's also a schem on the "simple mixers" web site that is IC based, uses a LM833. I don't recall the address of that site maybe someone else can help. The IC based are supposed to be much better, other than the fact that they take power. I have a DOD 260 and I would NOT recommend that piece of crap to anyone, again way over priced, built with plastic jacks and cheap thin wire.  
3/10/1999 2:32 PM

For what its worth; as a PA tech I prefer passive DIs. Ok, a transformer is inferior to IC technology, but in live conditions a decent passive DI sounds just fine (use it for bass and keys all the time) and it saves a lot of hassle that active DIs can produce (hum, hiss, powertrouble, etc). Ofcourse, in the studio...
3/11/1999 3:40 AM

If you are interested in tinkering around, I have put up a schematic of a prototype DI type circuit at:  
Be advised though, this circuit is still in a very early stage of development.  
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