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Hard disk recorder shareware

1/26/1999 6:00 AM
Hard disk recorder shareware
Hello, folks. Does anyone know if there is any sharewarefreeware available for multitrack hard disk recording on a PC? I'd like to go this route instead of spending hundreds for Cakewalk.  
I know this isn't tube amp related; does it help to say that I plan to power the PC speakers with a Dynaco ST70? Thanks to all!
1/26/1999 11:14 AM
I haven't found any yet, but just to get a feel for recording on the PC, you can download CoolEdit96 (from ZDnet and others probably). It will do 2-tracks with limited functionality. The full version is inexpensive and it's my understanding that it will do as many tracks as your hardware can handle. (basically, it's HD throughput limited) Ultrawide SCSI or LVD (abbrev?) SCSI is the way to go. (high throughput and remote mounting of the HD for noise reduction. Of course, that costs about 10X what a nice ultra ATA drive costs!) Anyhow, CoolEdit works well, is a great editor IMHO, and I've used it for dubbing to HD to make CD's for several months now. There are also several other inexpensive multitrack programs out there (sub $100).  
(ps: I use a refurbed '62 ST-70 to monitor as well!) If you don't need the MIDI stuff and the notation capabilities, you can save major bucks just buying a multitrack pkg.
1/26/1999 2:14 PM

Thanks for the info, SpeedRacer. I routinely drool over the Roland and Fostex digital multitracks, but I don't think I'll ever be able to justify the cash for one of them. However, I'm about to buy a new home computer and it seems that by adding the right software you could record eight or more tracks for a lot less dough, keeping in mind the fidelity losses with a cheap PCI sound card. With a large hard drive and a CD writer for archiving, you might be able to save a lot of money if ya gotta have more than four tracks. I really don't know about many multitrack software packages except Cakewalk; I now have Cakewalk Express (two tracks audio) and my cousin has Cakewalk Pro (unlimited tracks); he does radio production with this software and a 166mHz PentiumEnsoniq PCI sound card.  
I'll check out the CoolEdit96 program. Also, if you have any other suggestions, please let me know. BTW, aren't ST-70's sweet? Thanks again!
1/26/1999 2:57 PM
HYS chip

go to harmony central under the software share-ware area,  
look for and download the multi tracker called (n-track,) that will get ya multi-tracking away......chip
1/27/1999 11:15 AM
Excellent! I'm on my way..  
1/27/1999 11:19 AM
under the "any other suggestions", the one thing I'd suggest is installing the ST-70 kit from SoundValves. It converts the ST70 away from 7199 drivers, and quite frankly in my case it improved the sound quality immensely. The old driver board on my amp was in very poor shape.. I use the amp with Tannoy PBM 6.5's, and while the bass will never be huge (they could use a sub..) the sound is very clear, balanced and non-fatiguing. (plus they're cheap!)
1/27/1999 6:10 PM

Here we started with a thread on PC hard disk recording and now we're talking ST-70 mods. Isn't it cool how most every subject on this forum turns tubular after awhile?  
Ahh, the ST-70 mods...  
I've been modding ST-70's for years, what a great platform for such activity! I bought my first one to convert to a guitar power amp (what with EL34's and all); hooked it up to my stereo in place of a ST-120 (class B stereo transistor amp) and was transfixed. I now have three, one has the full Glass Audio Curcio mod, with regulated power supply and quad 6DJ8's. It sounds quite good and has gobs of detail, but the stock ST70 has a wonderful warmth that I just love.  
Thanks for the input on the HD recorders. It seems you can get PowerTracks Pro Audio 5.0 for $29.00, I will probably try that.

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