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10x: Your AMP vs you Girlfriend

12/29/1998 7:28 PM
10x: Your AMP vs you Girlfriend
10. The amp never complains when you use the tilt back legs  
9. Unlike your girl, the amp will only hum louder with neglect  
8. If you put the amp on standby after it's all warmed up, it'll still be warmed up and ready to play when you return (after a snack).  
7. Unless the amp's very sick, it'll always light up your tubes  
6. The amp has four inputs  
5. After four decades, your amp is better and way more desireable  
4. You don't mind it when other guys play with your amp  
3. The amp won't mind sitting in the trunk when you travel  
2. You always know when your amps turned on  
1. You can rest a beer on top of the amp and it won't fall over
12/29/1998 7:57 PM

This is really unnecessary sexist garbage - do we spend our time on this forum to learn or to degrade other in "jest."  
12/29/1998 8:15 PM
Steve Watson

Liberal Alert! Liberal Alert!  
Hide your blue suits and striped ties!  
Quick! Everybody don your love beads and tye died anything! Try to blend in until it's over!
12/29/1998 9:36 PM
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...
>>This is really unnecessary sexist garbage....<<  
Sorry if it offended you. I did pass it by my sexist filter, better known as my wife, and she howled.  
To be fair, anyone may feel free to substitute the word boy, guy, lady, or person where ever the word girl is found. ;)
12/29/1998 11:55 PM
Benjamin Fargen

Thanks.... I like to hear a good funny every now and then! As far as "sexist garbage" I think this is a far cry from being offensive. Lets all set down our schematics and soldering irons for two minuets and enjoy one of lifes little pleasures.......lighthearted laughter!
12/30/1998 6:27 AM

Now, now, fellers: I knew that my response would generate some of this "good old boy" response. I have a good, if warped, sense of humor and can laugh with the best. But, humor at someone else's expense is not really humor (the putting a beer bottle on someone's head has its geneology in much more sexist jokes). And as far as the "liberal alert" that went off, folks, I'm far past liberal - remember it was "liberals" (political sense) that started the Korean and Vietnam wars - I had a few friends that didn't come back from ' Nam (now from the historical "Western Liberal Tradition" dear old Ronald Wilson Redundant was a screaming liberal - see the writings of John Locke).  
Yeah, lets have fun, lets have humor, but, if we have to pick on folks, lets pick on those who really screw up our lives like bankers, the insurance industry, corporate lawyers, CEOs. credit card companies - all of those folks who squeeze every penny they can from us working slobs and load the tax and legal system against up (how's that for a "progressive-populist" shot across the bows :) )  
With all good humor to all of you "tuberosities"  
12/30/1998 11:37 AM
Re: well put GW..
Now if anybody has any LAWYER jokes......

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